The Galapagos Bullhead Shark Project

About the Project

Even though this small shark species was described as early as 1840, little is known about this elusive creature. It's geographic distribution, life cycle and population size are still unknown to science. Since 2005, scientists from the Galapagos Science Center, the University of San Francisco de Quito and James Cook University, Australia, are working together with the local authorities to unravel the secret life of Galapagos bullhead sharks.

Our project uses an interdisciplinary approach, with a focus on citizen science to provide up to date information on the bullhead shark's population status and to identify threats this species may be facing. The longterm goal is to substantially improve our current knowledge of this inconspicuous shark species and to work hand in hand with local and international policy makers to ensure proper management of the bullhead shark's habitat.

Project aims

Research outcomes:

Citizen Science

This website is designed to provide anyone interested with the opportunity to play an active part in the study and conservation of this unique shark species. You, the citizen scientists, form the centerpiece of the bullhead shark project. Your participation will substantially multiply our effort, which couldn't be achieved by researchers alone. Further, this website functions as a platform to educate people around the world about the ecological importance of this and other shark species and how we can manage to protect these valuable biological resources for future generations.

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